What's New 2022


8/4/22: Write Away Magazine published 2 articles on our songwriters William Larry Gabbert and his song "Throw Down Your Guns" and Bishop Jephthah and his song "Why O Why".  Click here to read the article on William Larry GabbertClick here to read the article on Bishop Jephthah.

7/11/22: New release titled "Why O Why" by new artist "Bishop Jephthah", our first artist from Cameroon.

6/4/22: Write Away magazine featured several of our team members in the June issue: "Immortals" by David Philip Ireland; The Angels Sing, by Bobby TiberiWho's Gonna Stop The War, by Michael Spillane and Lisa Hartt.  Additionally, our main graphic artist, Karen Humpage, who is also a songwriter, and her husband Mark, have a feature in this issue; One of our songwriters, Clare Steffen also has a featured articleJane Shields, publisher of the magazine, has a two-page article on vocal tips.

5/11/22: New release by David Philip Ireland titled "Immortals".  This is David's 3rd release on our label.

5/4/22: Write Away magazine ran articles on 3 of our songs and songwriters: "Fool's Paradise", written by Taylor Sappe, performed by Jimmie Roberts, with guitar solo by Bobby Tiberi; "My Diamond", by Aniruddah Andaib; "Prayer For The Living" live version, by David Philip Ireland.

4/25/22: Country Music Express magazine published an article on our song "Realize The Reason", written by Taylor Sappe, and recorded by TaNayhaClick here to read the article.

4/23/22: New release by L&M Project Band titled "Throw Down Your Guns", written by William L. Gabbert.

4/10/22: New release by new artist Jimmie Roberts titled Fool's Paradise.  Lyrics by Taylor Sappe, Music by James Roberts, Guitar solo by Bobby Tiberi.

4/7/22: New release by new artists  Michael Spillane & Lisa Hartt titled "Who's Gonna Stop The War".

4/1/22: New release by new artist Aniruddah Andalib titled "My Diamond".  Aniruddah is our first rap artist and our first artist from Bangladesh. 

3/14/22: New release by Bobby Tiberi titled "The Angels Sing".

3/10/22: New release by David Philip Ireland titled "Prayer For The Living" .

3/7/22: New release by a new artist, Chris Birkett, with his song titled "Wake Up".

3/4/22:  This month's issue features 3 of our artists: Soren Panckeri, Singing "Do It With Love", written by Mike Turner and Marilyn Rogers page 22; TaNayha, singing a song I wrote titled "Realize The Reason" page 24; and Myself, singing "War, It's A Bad Thing" page 26.

3/2/22: New release by Taylor Sappe, titled "On The Road To Peace".

2/25/22: One of our singer-songwriters, Mike Turner appeared on the cover of this month's Country Music Express. To read the article click here.

2/4/22: This month's issue of Write-Away magazine Features "Enough Is Good", written by Rollie Navarro and performed by JM de Ramos; "Love Will Save The World", written by Mike Turner and Taylor Sappe, and performed by TaNayha; "Naked" written and performed by David Philip Ireland; And a full page ad for our label with links to each of our songs. 

It all starts at page 22

The L&M Project Band (MJ Kano, Mark Ervie de Jesus, Darlene Ordanza) made the cover of this month's issue with "The Adventures of Badass Jane" p32. The L&M Project band brought us songs like "In My Dreams" and "Matthew Mark Luke and John". 

Another of our songwriters, Clare Steffen has a feature on her song "God's Eternal Love", p16. Clare has written a release on our label titled "Bring Us World Peace", which I co-wrote with Clare. 

Also, Jane Shields, editor of Write-Away and Country Music Express, and co-writer with Mike Turner on "Colors And Hues", has two articles. One on vocal tips, and writing exercises

1/29/22: New release by TaNayha titled "Realize The Reason", Written and produced by Taylor Sappe.

1/14/21: New release by Taylor Sappe titled "War, It's A Bad Thing".  This is Taylor's first release on this label as the featured artist.

1/6/22: The January issue of Jane Shields's Write Away Magazine features music of our label from page 22 to 28, starting with our new release "Bitter" by Steve Nyhoff p22-23. Next is Christmas Truce by Julie Chimes and Russell Nash p24-25. Then Peace Unending by TaNayha Sprenkle and Daniel DeMelfi p26-27. Followed by our ad. 

1/4/22: New release, written and performed by Steve Nyhoff, titled "Bitter".  Guitar work by Bobby Tiberi, produced by Taylor Sappe.