What's New 2022

12/4/22: Three of our songwriters are featured in the December issue of Write Away magazine: Ronn Van Etten, with his song "The Wrong Way (Out Of Control)Click here to read the story, and David DeCosmo and Taylor Sappe with their song "Still In The Game". Click here to read the story.

11/23/22: New release by Ronn Van Etten, titled "The Wrong Way (Out Of Control)"

11/4/22: This month's issue of Write Away Magazine features Songwriters Daniel DeMelfi and Kaitlyn McCourt with their song "I Stand For You" as recorded by TaNayha; "Peace and Understanding", written by John Mitchell and recorded by The BlueStar; "There Is Another Way", written by Mike Turner and recorded by TaNayha

10/21/22: New release by new artist Frank Blades, titled "Building Bridges".

10/14/22: New release by TaNayha, written by Daniel DeMelfi, titled "I Stand For You" artwork by Mike Turner.  

10/11/22: New release by Taylor Sappe, co-written with David DeCosmo, titled "Still In the Game".

10/4/22: Write Away magazine published an article on Ronn Van Etten's latest release "Forgive Them For They Know Not What They're Doing".  Click here to read the article.

9/29/22: New Release titled "Peace And Understanding", by new artist "BlueStar"

9/18/22: New release titled "There Is Another Way", sung by TaNayha, written by Mike Turner.

8/31/22: New release titled "Forgive Them For They Don't Know What They're Doing", by Netherlands artist Ronn Van Etten

8/4/22: Write Away Magazine published 2 articles on our songwriters William Larry Gabbert and his song "Throw Down Your Guns" and Bishop Jephthah and his song "Why O Why".  Click here to read the article on William Larry GabbertClick here to read the article on Bishop Jephthah.

7/11/22: New release titled "Why O Why" by new artist "Bishop Jephthah", our first artist from Cameroon.

6/4/22: Write Away magazine featured several of our team members in the June issue: "Immortals" by David Philip Ireland; The Angels Sing, by Bobby TiberiWho's Gonna Stop The War, by Michael Spillane and Lisa Hartt.  Additionally, our main graphic artist, Karen Humpage, who is also a songwriter, and her husband Mark, have a feature in this issue; One of our songwriters, Clare Steffen also has a featured articleJane Shields, publisher of the magazine, has a two-page article on vocal tips.

5/11/22: New release by David Philip Ireland titled "Immortals".  This is David's 3rd release on our label.

5/4/22: Write Away magazine ran articles on 3 of our songs and songwriters: "Fool's Paradise", written by Taylor Sappe, performed by Jimmie Roberts, with guitar solo by Bobby Tiberi; "My Diamond", by Aniruddah Andaib; "Prayer For The Living" live version, by David Philip Ireland.

4/25/22: Country Music Express magazine published an article on our song "Realize The Reason", written by Taylor Sappe, and recorded by TaNayhaClick here to read the article.

4/23/22: New release by L&M Project Band titled "Throw Down Your Guns", written by William L. Gabbert.

4/10/22: New release by new artist Jimmie Roberts titled Fool's Paradise.  Lyrics by Taylor Sappe, Music by James Roberts, Guitar solo by Bobby Tiberi.

4/7/22: New release by new artists  Michael Spillane & Lisa Hartt titled "Who's Gonna Stop The War".

4/1/22: New release by new artist Aniruddah Andalib titled "My Diamond".  Aniruddah is our first rap artist and our first artist from Bangladesh. 

3/14/22: New release by Bobby Tiberi titled "The Angels Sing".

3/10/22: New release by David Philip Ireland titled "Prayer For The Living" .

3/7/22: New release by a new artist, Chris Birkett, with his song titled "Wake Up".

3/4/22:  This month's issue features 3 of our artists: Soren Panckeri, Singing "Do It With Love", written by Mike Turner and Marilyn Rogers page 22; TaNayha, singing a song I wrote titled "Realize The Reason" page 24; and Myself, singing "War, It's A Bad Thing" page 26.

3/2/22: New release by Taylor Sappe, titled "On The Road To Peace".

2/25/22: One of our singer-songwriters, Mike Turner appeared on the cover of this month's Country Music Express. To read the article click here.

2/4/22: This month's issue of Write-Away magazine Features "Enough Is Good", written by Rollie Navarro and performed by JM de Ramos; "Love Will Save The World", written by Mike Turner and Taylor Sappe, and performed by TaNayha; "Naked" written and performed by David Philip Ireland; And a full page ad for our label with links to each of our songs. 

It all starts at page 22

The L&M Project Band (MJ Kano, Mark Ervie de Jesus, Darlene Ordanza) made the cover of this month's issue with "The Adventures of Badass Jane" p32. The L&M Project band brought us songs like "In My Dreams" and "Matthew Mark Luke and John". 

Another of our songwriters, Clare Steffen has a feature on her song "God's Eternal Love", p16. Clare has written a release on our label titled "Bring Us World Peace", which I co-wrote with Clare. 

Also, Jane Shields, editor of Write-Away and Country Music Express, and co-writer with Mike Turner on "Colors And Hues", has two articles. One on vocal tips, and writing exercises

1/29/22: New release by TaNayha titled "Realize The Reason", Written and produced by Taylor Sappe.

1/14/21: New release by Taylor Sappe titled "War, It's A Bad Thing".  This is Taylor's first release on this label as the featured artist.

1/6/22: The January issue of Jane Shields's Write Away Magazine features music of our label from page 22 to 28, starting with our new release "Bitter" by Steve Nyhoff p22-23. Next is Christmas Truce by Julie Chimes and Russell Nash p24-25. Then Peace Unending by TaNayha Sprenkle and Daniel DeMelfi p26-27. Followed by our ad. 

1/4/22: New release, written and performed by Steve Nyhoff, titled "Bitter".  Guitar work by Bobby Tiberi, produced by Taylor Sappe.