Music releases by artist country
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Nik Hamby
      All We Need To Do Is Care

     To War

     Ronn Van Etten
     Inner Affairs 
     Music For Peace 
     Bow Your Head 
     Act Of Love, Act Of Peace

     JM de Ramos 
     Fill The World

     L&M Project Band
     In My Dreams 
     Matthew, Mark Luke and John

South Africa
     Narboth Mathole
     Better World

New York
     Bobby Tiberi
Peace On Earth 
     Hold On

     AlycIa Catizone
     Love One Another 
     Too Much Love 
     Bring Us World Peace 
     One Song At A Time 
     I Stand For You 

     Jay Creed
     World Anthem

     Tiff Maley Ina
     Holding Strong

     Soren Panckeri
     Do It With Love