Music for your lyrics

Do you have completed lyrics but can't find a musician collaborator to put music to it.  We can do that for you.  Choose the option below that best suits your needs.  Prices shown below are for one instrument playing chords and a reference vocal.  For completed demos see out demo service.

Send us structured lyrics $45

               Structured lyrics will have sections clearly labeled, such as VERSE, CHORUS, BRIDGE, etc.  Each verse will contain the same number of syllables                   or stress points.  Each chorus will contain the same number of syllables or stress points.  Minor variations permitted.

Send us unstructured lyrics $60

             Unstructured lyrics have no clear distinction between sections (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.) and will be restructured to fit musical form.  We may                   change some of the wording, but will keep the wording to the same meaning as your original intention.


One revision is permitted at no extra cost.  A link to your completed project will be sent to you.  The project will contain beeps throughout the vocal track.  Beeps are removed and download is activated when paid. 

Additional revisions are $20 each, paid in advance.

 Printed lead sheet or chord chart $20 each. 

  All amounts shown above are in US dollars


To get started send your lyrics to In the subject type "Need music for lyrics".  Someone will contact you to set up a free consultation.