This is a virtual record label.  The pandemic has led us to realize that we don't need brick and mortar to accomplish our mission.  All we need are people who want to help each other achieve a common goal.  This can be done right from our homes with our computers, pads and cell phones.

The ultimate goal of achieving world peace requires that the people of the world work together.  In the same manner, we bring people together from all over the world who are involved in music in some capacity, whether it be as a songwriter, recording artist, producer, promoter, media expert or anything related to music that can help us to achieve our goal.  All of these people volunteer their skills and expertise to help each other toward the level of success that it takes to be a major influence in the lives of people around the world.  With this influence we intend to eliminate violence by dominating the media with messages of love and peace.

If you would like to volunteer your skills to help in the creation of such projects, please click here to join our private facebook group.

If you don't have any music related skills, but love music and want to help us promote peace around the world by sharing our music on your social media, click here to join our public facebook group for this label.