About Music For World Peace Records

Our mission is to promote a world of peace.  We believe that when we humans are motivated by profit we are led into temptation.  When we succumb to temptation we cause negative things to happen from creating minor inconveniences to the destruction of this planet and the people on it.  If only we could collectively focus more on helping each other instead of helping ourselves to each other, we would be one step closer to world peace. 

Jesus was one of many religious icons whose teachings of world peace have been forgotten, ignored, or deliberately obscured by those who created a broken society for their own profit.  One of his teachings was "Money is the root of all evil" and in how he told us how to pray, "Lead us not into temptation".  To us that means that although money can be used for good, you will find it at the root of every evil deed that has compounded into the problems we face in a broken world.  Problems that were the result of tempting opportunities that result in large amounts of money an any cost.  This philosophy carries over to our business model. We are a label that assembles teams of people who want to help each other get enough recognition to influence world peace. These are people who are not interested in charging each other for their services, but want to use their resources to help others to the level of success where they can become that influence.  They want world peace to succeed and want to do what they can to help make that happen.

We are a profit sharing label. We are not motivated by profit, but we do believe that everyone who worked on a project should get a fair share of any profit made by that project.  It helps support and motivate the teams that are working hard to bring us world peace through the influence of music and the internet.  It helps the label to grow and spread our influence throughout the world.  

Money is among the resources that can help us all do that.  If you would like to participate in our efforts and all you can contribute is money, you can donate to the label by clicking the "Donate" button below, or to a specific project by downloading the song and entering the amount you wish to donate.  A donation to the label will help everyone associated with any of our projects.  A donation to a song will help those who worked on that particular song.

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