Audio files transposed $10 per track

Karaoke singers often download their own instrumental tracks to sing to a live audience or record their voice with.  The problem is that they may not find a version of the song in a key that fits their voice.  No worries.  There is help available.  Send me your instrument track and let me transpose it up or down for you.  Here's how it works:

  1. Send your instrument track and a link to the original recording (with original artist vocal) to me at
  2. Click this link to send your payment of $10 via PayPal.
  3. I determine the highest and lowest note of the song from the original recording
  4. We setup a video chat.
  5. During the chat I locate your range by playing notes on the piano or guitar.
  6. I transpose the song into your range.
  7. The transposed track is uploaded to our website.
  8. We setup another video chat to confirm that it is in the right key for you by having you sing to it.
  9. Once we have settled on a key I provide you with a download link to your transposed track.  Your transposed track will be sent in the same format that we received it.  Acceptable formats: .wav (44.1k, 48k, 96k, 16 or 32 bit); mp3, AIFF

The price shown above includes 1 revision per track.  Additional revisions are $5 each, paid via PayPal, prior to each revision.

Disclaimer:  The price shown above is for transposing the entire track, including the drums, if any.  In extreme transposition cases, drums transposed up or down with the rest of the music may produce unnatural and unsatisfactory results.  In extreme cases such as this, for an additional $10, we can separate the drums from the rest of the music and transpose the music and mix the original drums back in with the music.  If it turns out that you need extreme transposition and do not want to pay the additional $10, your original payment will be refunded.