Taylor Sappe

Label President

Taylor Sappe

Taylor is founder and president of our label.  His main function in the label is to coordinate all A&R activities.

Composer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer.

Additional information can be found at taylorsappe.com



Mike Turner

Mike is CEO with additional functions as A&R and PR.

In addition to his label services, Mike is a performing singer/songrwiter.  

Mike is also owner of Blue Uke Records, a subsidiary label of Music For World Peace Records.

Click here to go to Mike's website

Alycia Catizone

Alycia was the first artist to be released on our label.  Her goal is to sing at USO shows.

Alycia's bio

Alycia Catizone was born in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, the heart of the coal region. People have described her as " being nice, but with a hint of sass." She is an active vocalist for the group Music for World Peace. A group full of musicians, writers, publishers, producers and other artists just trying to save the world through music, minus the capes. She has many muscisians that inspire her; but her top three artists are Shania Twain, Leann Rimes, and Josh Turner. 

Music is a big part of Alycia's life, she considers music to be her personal soundtrack, whether it's comfort during tough times, a companion on the road, or just that little something to help her unwind after a long day. It is her personal therapy. 

Singing has grown Alycia's passion for music. It makes her feel powerful; when she learns a new or more difficult song, it makes her feel she can accomplish anything. She first started out at school pagents and such. Her first true test was at a school talent show. She was really nervous and practiced every day for. When she got on the stage she felt untouchable and even though she didn't win, what made her feel like a winner were the cheers from the audiences. She says the best feeling, when peforming isn't the trophy you receive, although that would be nice, but the joy and awe you give to the audience. As she got older she grew her confidence with singing by frequenting karaoke nights at her local bar in Girardville, the Guntown Saloon. It took away her fear of performing in front of stangers; she still gets nervous but a little bit of nervous tension won't stop her. Alycia feels that if you are blessed with a gift you should share it with the world, even if it's not in the manner in which you were expecting; sometimes it's the side roads that make the dream more beneficial. 

Alycia's drive for success she attributes to her late uncles Luke and Jake Opuda, who've inspired her not to follow her dreams based upon the idea of money and fame but instead with the intension to move, touch and inspire others.

Love One Another

Alycia Catizone

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℗ Music For World Peace Records 2020
© Michael D. Turner 2018
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Written by Mike Turner
Recorded by Alycia Catizone
Produced by Taylor Sappe taylorsappe.com
Artwork by Soren Panckeri.

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Nik Hamby

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All We Need To Do Is Care

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