Clare Steffen

Clare Steffen

Co-written by Clare

Bring Us World Peace

Alycia Catizone

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Bring Us World Peace

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People unite... we can all be free... let the doves fly... “Bring Us World Peace.

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Bring Us World Peace was written by Clare Steffen and Taylor Sappe

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Clare Steffen - Oregan, USA

Clare Steffen is a Psychologist, University Professor, Published Author, Vocalist and Musician. She spent ten years early on in her career working as a music therapist offering music as a means to healing for the elderly, disabled, and veterans. After thirty years of working as a psychologist, Clare returned to writing music. A little over a year ago, she started the Round The Globe Project that has allowed her to write songs with individuals in over 20 countries from around the world. To date, she has co-written 10 albums through this project. These songs are Indie, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Folk Rock, Christmas, and World songs and each one invites the listener to hear the message in the music.  Always interested in culture, her songs will bring a fusion of sound that represents the richness of countries from around the world.  Each song is written with the idea that emotions are universal, and love is the tie that connects us. 

Clare Steffen writes songs that offer encouragement, hope, and healing.  Clare has blended her musical and lyrical writing skills to focus on creating songs that address issues of universal love, issues of social injustice, and the human experience.  Dr. Steffen is a published author and enjoys bringing a multi-media approach to healing through print, sound, and visual effort.  Taylor and Clare co-wrote the song, Bring Us World Peace, to acknowledge the importance of uniting globally in the efforts to bring peace throughout the world. 

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On February 4th, Clare and her  "Round The Globe" project was featured in Write Away Magazine, a UK based indie music magazine.  Click here to read the article.

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On June 12th, 2021, Boulevard of Music posted this article about Ronn Van Etten that included Clare's "Round The Globe" project: