Lyrics & Melody

Do you have a completed music track that needs lyrics and melody?  We can put lyrics and melody to it, with several options:

  • One instrument playing the melody and a lyric sheet $30
  • A reference vocal intended to be replaced, and a lyric sheet $50

                 This is a rough vocal by someone who can carry a tune but is not a professional singer.  It is good if you intend to replace this vocal with your                       own singer.  Our vocalist can be used as a guide track for your real singer.

  • A male or female vocaloid and a lyric sheet $60

                 A vocaloid is an artifical vocalist intended for use in the same manner as our reference vocalist, but can also be used as a main vocal or back up                         vocal if you are looking for an artificial vocal sound.

  • A professional male or female vocalist and a lyric sheet. $80 for demo use; $150 for master use.

                 This vocalist may be used in any demo or master you produce tracks for.  A master vocal requires more recording and editing time.  The vocal                       may be transferred to your tracks to run through your mastering chain.

One free revision is permitted.  A link to your completed project will be sent to you.  The project will contain beeps throughout the vocal track.  The beeps will be removed when paid.

Additional revisions are $20 each, paid in advance.

When approved you will get one typed lyric sheet and one track with vocal mixed with your music and one vocal stem that you can add to your final music track.

A lead sheet (lyrics, melody and chords) available for an additional $20 if a chord chart is provided as shown below;  $30 if a set of chords without bar positions is provided; $40 if no chord chart is provided. 

A chord chart is a sheet showing sections of the song with bar lines and chords printed over each bar in it's appropriate position.  See example below.

All amounts shown above are in US dollars

Partial example of a chord chart

How to get started

Email an mp3 of your music track without lyrics and melody to admin@MusicForWorldPeaceRecords.comIn the heading type "Lyrics & Melody".  I will contact you for a free live consultation to help you decide on the best option for your project.