Become a sponsor of Music For World Peace Records

If you have a business associated with music, world peace or non-violence and would like to be mentioned in our ads with links to drive additional traffic to your business or website, follow the instructions below. 


How sponsors help 

As you may or may not know, streaming services like Spotify don't pay any significant revenue. It takes 100 plays for a song to earn one penny. Many of our releases have up to 10 people who worked on them. That means for every 1,000 streaming plays each person who worked on a project will get one penny. We want our artists to earn enough from their work to keep them motivated to continue. That means we need advertising dollars to get enough streaming plays to make their work worthwhile. Your sponsorship will provide us with an advertising budget that can make our artists more known throughout the world and help them get enough streams to keep them motivated to continue. We want them to help bring about world peace doing something they love to do. We all make our best efforts when we love what we are doing. 


Who can become a sponsor? 

We have several levels of sponsorship. The amount and type of inclusion is determined by your budget. 

Here are some possibilities: 

  1. Anyone with a website, YouTube, facebook or twitter page that is associated with music or peace. Here are a few examples: 
  2. Songwriters 
  3. Artists 
  4. Songwriter or artist services 
  5. Incense makers or dealers 
  6. Yoga instruction 
  7. Music instruction 
  8. Music stores 
  9. Music supplies 
  10. Bands 
  11. Music or peace rally venues 
  12. Peace rally organizers 

If you have something that can be advertised as an associate of Music For World Peace but don't see it on the list above, contact us for an evaluation proposal. 


How to become a sponsor 

Determine how much of an advertising budget you can comfortably allocate to a sponsorship. 

Send an email to telling us you want to become a sponsor and how much of an advertising budget you have for the sponsorship. 

I will get back to you with a proposal of what we can offer you based on your budget. 

You may offer a counter-proposal if you feel the original proposal falls short of your needs. 

Once a proposal is agreed upon, we will sign a contract for the term of your sponsorship and we will mention you in all of our advertising in accordance with your contract.