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12/14/20: Alycia Catizone has released her second single with us titled "Too Much Love", written by Marilyn Rogers.

12/10/20: New artist on our label Ronn Van Etten has released a song titled "Inner Affairs".

12/1/20: Bobby Tiberi has released his second song titled "Butterfly".

11/4/20:  Bobby Tiberi  and our label were featured in the November issue of Write Away Magazine.  Click here to read the feature on Bobby.  Click here to read the two page spread about our label.

11/1/20: One of our artists Bobby Tiberi just finished building his website.  Click here to visit.

10/4/ 20:  Our second release, "All We Need To Do Is Care", by Nik Hamby, was featured in Write Away, a UK based e-zine.   Additionally, our label is featured in the same issue.

9/4/20: Our first release "Love One Another", sung by Alycia Catizone, and written by Mike Turner,  appeared as a feature article in "Write-Away", a UK based online magazine.  You will find some of our people on the cover, and you can read the article by scrolling down to page 22.  Click here to go to Write Away online magazine.

8/2/20: We have added a privacy policy.  Click on the name in the menu above to view it.

7/31/20: Listen to our release of "Love One Another" sung by Alycia Catizone tonight, July 31st, 2020 at 8 pm and tomorrow August 1st, at noon US EDT. If you are not in range of the station, you can live stream Mike Naydock's show here  The show will be on YouTube in 2 weeks.  A link will be posted here.

7/1/20: Captain Blue Records, established 1980, and Blue Uke Records, established 2020, have partnered with Music For World Peace Records as subsidiary labels.  These labels will release music by members of our private Facebook group "Music For World Peace" that does not have a world peace theme.  Captain Blue Records is owned and operated by producer and MFWPR president, Taylor Sappe.  Blue Uke Records is a new label owned and operated by Singer/Songwriter and MFWPR CEO, Mike Turner.