Our business model 

Our business model is different from other indie labels. Below is a brief description to help you decide if we are the right label for you. 

With the “traditional” model, in today’s music industry, the payout from plays, streams and sales is very low.  Streaming services, on average, pay one penny for every hundred plays – so if an artist or indie label invested $2000 into a recording, it would take 20 million streams just to break even.  Purchase of digital downloads has long been outpaced by streaming services.  In the traditional model an indie label or self-released artist could make a large investment to get their songs heard, with little or no return on their investment.  Although paid advertising does increase the numbers it only adds to the cost of breaking even and in most cases doesn't work unless the artist has had several hits and a guaranteed following of millions of fans.

Music For World Peace Records, by contrast, uses a concept of shared effort, shared reward.  On the front end, no money changes hands, in either direction.  Artists pay nothing to the label to get their songs produced, and the label has no cash outlay to writers, performers, engineers, graphic artists, or anyone else involved in the release until it results in an income stream.  Everyone who worked on the project is responsible for helping create that income stream.

We’re all dedicated to the concept of using our music to achieve world peace, so we all contribute our time and talents to “get the message out through music.”  We have songwriters, producers, vocalists, musicians, recording/mix/mastering engineers, and graphic artists who collaborate “pro bono” to bring our songs to the public.  The label provides free distribution of releases for streaming on major platforms and on our website.  We promote them via website, social media, YouTube, press releases, print/digital magazines, blogs, internet and live-stream radio. 

Each person involved in a given song project, shares equally, per job, in revenues generated from streaming, downloads, donations and licensing, based on each person’s contribution.  Allocations are fully spelled out in “split sheets” that all parties agree to, and are documented in our contracts.  We have discovered that donation based downloads from our website will generate revenue faster than streaming services. 

We use our FaceBook presence in three ways.  First, our FB business page (Click here to visit) serves, along with our website, as the public, business face of the label.  Second, our public group, Music For World Peace Record Label (Click here to visit), allows us to showcase our releases to a dedicated group of followers as well as reserve and future resources, some of whom help with promotion.  This group also serves to spotlight non-label efforts by our artists.  Third, our private, invitation-only group is for all active participants in current and upcoming releases. 

The result is multiple teams working in a niche market in pursuit of a common goal: to promote peace.  Don't expect to get rich quick from your release on our label, but do expect to get known throughout the world, which may help you build an additional revenue stream in this and other areas of your music.