Written by Rollie, performed by JM deRamos


Enough Is Good

JM de Ramos

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Enough Is Good

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We still have time to change our minds. Bring back the glory in their eyes.

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Rollie Navarro

This is Rollie Navarro, an independent songwriter and writes for any music genre. Started as a lyricist in the ‘80s and started doing my own songs starting 2010. My passion in writing started when I was still in my grade school when I was trying to write stories which I thought can be for movies. Stories about sorcery, vampires and the likes. Kids’ stuff at that time. 

Pursued love for the arts and joined theater groups. Community theater and university theater in my college days. Joined PETA in early ‘80s. This is where I was introduced to music in the movies. Worked with Gardy Labad as lyricist for movies like Lola Basyang, Kumander Dante, Nude City and the latest being Magnifico theme song “Aking Munting Bituin” which got nominated in Awit Awards the same year. Also wrote the libretto for a musical dance adaptation of Filipino epic “Labaw Donggon” which was sponsored by a Filipino-Chinese community for their annual celebration. 

In 2019, I wrote the song for an Anti-Cybersex campaign for children’s protection “Pag-asa Ng Bayan” which was sung by various artist and cyber guardians. In 2020, my song was used in a video to promote Nissan Phils’ support to the frontliners. “Hibla Ng Alaala” which shares someone’s memories of a lost loved one. Recently, Nissan has also used my song “Ingat Kayo” (means Take Care) to launch the New Nissan Terra. They plan to use this in other activities in the future. Nowadays, he would write pop, ambient, dance, R&B, commentary songs. Still, writing a contemporary musical would be in his wishlist.