Larry Gabbert and Mark Ervie de Jesus - Phillipines

bring over 5 decades of combined experience under one creative dome. In October of 2020  they teamed up to start a multi-genre, musical project that focused on featuring various singers and musicians from the Philippines to create a  musical family of great artist. 

Larry, hailing from So. Cal and the 1980s L.A. club scene relocated to the Philippines in 2005 where he later began playing in Various bands. Mark is a well respected guitarist  and has played in various Pinoy rock bands for the past 20 years. They met in a mutual band and from there decided to start the L&M Project Band. 

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In My Dreams

The L&M Project Band

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In My Dreams

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Will we have light, or darkness? Peace, or destruction? Heed the warnings of the past - the future is, ‘In My Dreams’.

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