Joe Birish

Joe Birish

Co-written by Joe

Harmony Bound

Bobby Tiberi

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Harmony Bound

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When we map the road to freedom we will be harmony bound.

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Joe Birish 

Joe started his musical career playing drums in a High School cover band, (Erbrock). This band played songs by classic bands of the late 60s & early 70s including: The Beatles, Stones, WHO, Jefferson Airplane, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Joe started to play some guitar as well as the drums & wrote his first songs while a senior in High School, influenced by the great songs written by these classic rock bands. 

While in college in early 1973 Joe & Brian Epstein, (no relation to the Beatles manager of the same name) formed a band called ABSORBIT that played both covers & some original songs. ABSORBIT played gigs at college dorm parties at Rutgers University & recorded simple demos on a Sony reel to reel tape recorder. 

After college, Joe recruited new band members including Al Romeo + Carmine Marino & together they recorded many original songs. They recorded their tunes on vintage analogue equipment for a very warm Retro 60s – 70s sound. Joe continues to release his original music under the band name ABSORBIT, although recently he has played most of the instruments himself, with occasional guest musicians. You can find over 40 of ABSORBITs recordings at 

Joe recently began collaborating with Bobby Tiberi, Mike Turner & Taylor Sappe on a new version of a song called “Harmony Bound”. Joe’s original demo was recording in the mid 90s on a 4 track porta-studio, but needed some re-work. The new version released on Music for World Peace records is a true collaboration with great input from Bobby, Mike & Taylor that is a nice addition to the label.