Too Much Love

Alycia Catizone

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Too Much Love

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What would happen if we changed our focus from fear, greed, hate and war to treating others the way we would like to be treated? Is there ever “Too Much Love To Go Around”?

Sung by Alycia Catizone.

Written by Marilyn Rogers.

Production by Taylor Sappe.

Cover art by Randy McGinnis.

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Marilyn Rogers - Kansas, USA

Marilyn is a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and writes country songs.  Her first cut with our label was "Too Much Love", sung by Alycia Catizone. 

Marilyn Rogers grew up in a large, musical family on the family farm in Kansas in the U.S. She performed with her five siblings as the Drebes Sisters at local events and on TV, and later as Chepstow. Marilyn started playing guitar at age 13 and never really stopped, although it was only as an adult, taking her daughter to voice lessons, that she started writing songs. Songwriting and jamming with musical friends helped her through tough times, including divorce and her late second husband’s illness. Marilyn ultimately began recording and put her songs on Internet radio, where she had over 22,000 likes and fans all over the world. She’s written well over 100 songs, with more on the way. Marilyn’s music is about love, hurt, loss and joy, all with heart and soul. Her passion is capturing a feeling with words and then wrapping it in a melody. Marilyn now performs with her band, Sidetracked. Every once in awhile she goes back to digging her feet in the black Kansas dirt for spiritual renewal.

Country Music Express magazine published an article in their March 2021 issue about Marilyn's song titled "This Cowgirl's Dream".  Click here to read it.

For more info on Marilyn Rogers  click here to visit her website