If you would like to join our team as a singer, please be sure to meet the following requirements before emailing us:

  • Your own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and home studio: We need to be able to send you production tracks and you need to be able to record your voice on a separate track and return it to us.  It is best to be able to record your voice at no cost, but you may, at your own discretion, pay for studio time in a studio near you.  Understand that you may not recover your costs to record in a studio that requires you to pay for time.  We do not reimburse studio costs.
  • Audition recording of you singing: You may send us a link to any of your work or an mp3 as an audition.  You may record your vocal to an original or Karaoke song.  Send your link to

If you need a music track to record your vocal to, we have music tracks available for a small donation of your choosing.  Here's how it works:

  1. You pick your favorite song by your favorite artist on our website. Go to the "Music Releases" tab and select by artist or genre.  If there is an instrumental of the song available it will be listed below the credits of the main song.  You may have to scroll down. 
  2. Click on the "Download" button and make a donation via PayPal or credit card. You will see download instructions at the top of the page.  A download link to a CD quality .wav file will be sent to the email address you enter.  (The file is too large to send directly by email to most apps.)
  3. Load the audio file into your DAW and record your voice.
  4. Export your file as an mp3.
  5. Email your file to, letting us know in the subject line or body of the email that you are auditioning as a singer to join our team.

Someone will get back to you with a decision.  Everyone who passes the audition is invited into our private group to connect and collaborate with our other team members.  All peace related finished products are released and promoted on our website, social media and are placed into worldwide distribution on all major streaming platforms.

Prior to releasing your song you will be asked to provide other requirements, which can be found at