Submit your songs to the label A&R department

Please follow each item step by step carefully.  

  • Before submitting, please read all of the information below and our business model If it works for you, send us music when you have all of the criteria in place.


What we want

Due to time constraints, those who can follow our instructions below will be the people we are most likely to  work with. 

We only want completed songs.  Finished masters get released the fastest.  We also accept completed work tapes or demos that need a cut by one of our artists.

We are looking for non-religious songs that are not on major digital streaming services.  Lyrics must say something that will influence peace.  If lyrics contain teachings of peace by religious prophets but can be spoken or sung in a secular way it will be at the top of our interest list.

Any genre of music is fine as long as the lyrics are clear enough to be understood by the listener.  We want to be able to deliver a message to our listeners.  That can only be done if the message can be heard.  If we feel your song has potential you will be invited to join our private Facebook group.

If you have songs that match our criteria, you may send one link to your best song to Please be sure all criteria listed below is met before sending anything.

The success of a song depends on the efforts of the people who work on it.  The type of people we want to work with are those who are willing to put some time into promoting their release on social media.  People who understand that their job isn't finished when they get that release.  If we are to give our time to a project we expect everyone who works on it to help it become successful.  That's just as much your responsibility as it is the label's.

Producers, singers with their own DAW, songwriters,  studio musicians,  graphic artists, videographers or anyone who would like to participate in a release project should join our private Facebook group without an invitation.   Your answer to 3 questions is required to be accepted into the group.


What we don't want

  • People who don't follow instructions.  It is not just a song we are looking for.  We need to work with team players who are easy to work with and can follow the instructions of the team coordinator.  Our coordinators use the best time saving methods to expedite their projects.  People who are not team players or are inflexible with doing it "their way", usually end up costing unnecessary time that prevents us from moving forward with multiple projects.
  • Finished instrumentals.  Although instrumental music can be relaxing and create a state of peacefulness, we need songs with lyrics that can deliver a message that will influence others toward peace.  Lyrics must be clear enough to understand or be accompanied by a lyric sheet.  However, if you have an instrumental track and can remove the melody line, you can collaborate with one of our lyricists in our private group.  Click on the link in the last section and answer 3 questions to get in.
  • Lyrics that do not address or influence the topics mentioned above.  Our mission is to influence world peace, yet some people think that just because we are a record label we can release anything.  We only accept songs that address our mission.  If it is borderline we may consider it, but if it is totally off topic we won't listen and may not even take the time to respond to your submission.
  • More than one song.  We are under-staffed and cannot afford the time to listen to more than one song from each person.  If we receive more than one song from someone, neither of them will be listened to.   The only exception is if the platform that contains your song has other songs there.  (Examples: A SoundCloud page).   If we like what you sent us, we may check out more of your songs.
  • Audio files.  Do not send audio files.  Not even mp3s unless requested by A&R.  Imagine if 1,000 people each sent you one audio file.  It would fill up your hard drive and slow down your computer.  If you don't have any place to link to your music, you may want to think about setting up a free account on platforms like SoundCloud, Songtradr, Dropbox, Google Drive,  or any other place that will store your music for sharing by link.  Google Drive and Dropbox make it easy to send streaming links with the option to download if needed.

Release requirements 

Prior to signing a contract there are a few things you will need to have in place. 

A Facebook page - We communicate with our project-specific team members through private group chats in Facebook messenger.  We also have a private Facebook group which we use to communicate with all team members associated with, or soon to be associated with the label.  We do not have the time or resources to be jumping all around and repeating ourselves when we need to communicate with our team.  Additionally, we have a public Facebook group of fans of music for world peace.  These are fans shared by all of our team members.  You will be expected to invite your fan base or friends to join that group to help you promote the projects you are working on. You will be sharing fans of others and your fans will be shared by others as well. 

Typed lyrics in text format - When we release songs on our website we post lyrics along with it to give extra value to our listeners as well as help them understand lyrics that may be heard incorrectly.  Typed lyrics in a text document helps us to save time by copying and pasting them into your release page.  We will only post lyrics that follow this format.  Additionally, we have a standing agreement with Write-Away, a UK based ezine with over 10,000 subscribers. We need your lyrics when submitting to Write-Away for free publicity. 

If you are submitting a finished master, we will need a copy in 44.1k 16 bit or higher resolution to ensure that it meets the standards of the platforms.  You can send it via dropbox, gmail or WeTransfer, to  Your song should be copyright protected, and it will not be played for anyone except our A&R staff until it is released. 

Everyone in countries serviced by PayPal who will receive payments from us must have and maintain a PayPal account.  We will need the email address associated with that account in our files for when it comes time to make payouts as well as for private communication.  For those in areas that PayPal does not service, we use Xoom for making payments. To receive payments via Xoom you will need to send us the following information prior to signing with us:

  • A mobile phone number
  • Home Address
  • The name of your city
  • Email

If you are unable to get a PayPal account, or if PayPal nor Xoom services your country, you may have someone you trust in a country serviced by Xoom or PayPal receive payments for you.  It will then be your responsibility to collect from them.

Write-Away magazine, a UK based ezine with 10,000+ subscribers, gives us publicity by publishing information about the songwriters and their songs.  For this, we will need the following: 

  • A head shot of the writers and artist.  It doesn't have to be a professional photo, but if you have one it will be better than a cell phone photo. Cell phone photos are acceptable. 
  • A short bio with links to any of your existing work you wish to include.  
  • The lyrics to the song; A few paragraphs from the writers about how they were inspired to write the song. 
  • If the artist is not the songwriter, a short commentary from the artist about why they wanted to record the song. 

We create a bio page on our website for each person with release credits.  Click here to go to "Meet Our People" at our website to see some examples.  

For this, we will need a head shot and short bio on each person involved in the song, as mentioned above.  You and they can include links to their social media and any additional works you would like to draw attention to, as well as any press you want to include.  Any claims of success or working with famous people must be backed up with links to verify each claim. 

Each song release page will contain credits which will have a link to each person's bio page. Each bio page will display all of the songs each person worked on, along with their contribution to the project.   

If you are submitting a finished master you can download a form to fill out that will list everyone you want on the credit sheet and their involvement in the song.   You can get it here after the label has agreed to release your song. 

If you are submitting a finished master we will need finished cover artwork for the song.  This will be used in Write Away magazine, on our website, and for CD Baby.  CD Baby's requirements for this artwork is a perfect square with a minimum of 1400 X 1400 or a maximum of 3000 X 3000 pixels. If you are working on a project within our private group you may provide your own cover art or use one of our graphic artists in exchange for a share of any revenue generated by your project. 

If you are collaborating within our private group, all of these elements will fall into place during the creation of your project. 

Prior to signing a contract we will ask two more things from you:

  1. A clear copy of a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or any form of identification that shows your photo, address, and date of birth.
    We need this to verify that you are who you say you are and that you are of legal age to sign contracts.  You can show this to us during a video chat.
  2. A video interview.
    This will be recorded and snippets of it will be used in various marketing of your song when it is released.  We may do more than one video interview with you after signing, with your permission, if we feel it will be helpful in marketing your music.

Each contract will be a little different, depending on the needs of the project, but we have a basic standard contract, which can and most likely will be modified to meet the current terms and conditions prior to signing. You can download a sample collaboration contract by clicking here.  You can download a sample master owner contract by clicking here​​​​​​​.

Your contract will contain signature blocks with the names of each person signed to the contract. One last requirement is that you have a way to sign the contract electronically. Our contracts are sent to a group chat for the project in the form of pdf files. We all sign our remote contracts using Adobe reader.  Time is important to us, and this is a big time saver.  If you don't have it or an equivalent signing program, you can Download it here for free.  If you have a signing program that is not Adobe and requires download of the app to sign it, please let us know beforehand and you will be asked to sign the contract last.