Submit your songs to our A&R department

If you have songs that meet the criteria listed below, you may send a link to your best song to admin@musicforworldpeacerecords


Before submitting, please read our business model and if it works for you, feel free to send us music as described below.


What we want

We are looking for songs not on digital streaming services, with lyrics that will influence peace, non-violence, anti-war, or the teachings of religious prophets without sounding like religious songs.

Any genre of music is fine as long as the lyrics are clear enough to be understood by the listener.  We want to be able to deliver a message to our listeners.  That can only be done if the message can be heard.  If we feel your song has potential but needs to be re-mixed you will have the option of re-mixing it yourself or teaming up with someone in our private Facebook group who can re-mix it.

At the moment we are overwhelmed with projects under development and must prioritize based on how close they are to release-ready.  Some could be released within a few days and some may take as long as a year, depending upon which stage of development it is at.

For audio, send a link only  (no audio files) to your best song that meets our criteria.  Send one song only.  If you only have lyrics and no music you may attach a lyric sheet to your email or copy and paste the lyrics into the body of the email.  Finished masters may be released within a few days and unfinished songs will be paired up with those who could help you finish it.


What we don't want

  • People who don't follow the above instructions.  It is not just a song we are looking for.  We need to work with team players who are easy to work with and can follow the instructions of the team coordinator.  Our coordinators use the best time saving methods to expedite their projects.  People who are not team players or want to do it "their way", usually end up costing unnecessary time that prevents us from moving forward with multiple projects.  
  • Finished instrumentals.  Although instrumental music can be relaxing and create a state of peacefulness, we need songs with lyrics that can influence others toward peace.  Lyrics must be clear enough to understand or be accompanied by a lyric sheet.  
  • Lyrics that do not address or influence the topics mentioned above.  Our mission is to influence world peace, yet some people think that just because we are a record label we can release anything.  We only accept songs that address our mission.  If it is borderline we may consider it, but if it is totally off topic we will ask you not to send us anything more.
  • More than one song.  We are under-staffed and cannot afford the time to listen to more than one song from each person.  If we receive more than one song from someone, neither of them will be listened to.  People who can follow instructions are the easiest to work with and can help us accomplish our mission in the shortest time.  
  • Audio files.  Do not send audio files.  Not even mp3s unless requested by A&R.  Imagine if 1,000 people each sent you one audio file.  It would fill up your hard drive and slow down your computer.  If you don't have any place to link to your music, you may want to think about setting up a free account on platforms like SoundCloud, Songtradr, Dropbox, Google Drive,  or any other place that will store your music for sharing by streaming link.  Google Drive and Dropbox make it easy to send streaming links with the option to download if needed.


Before submitting music to us, be sure you have the requirements listed below in place.  If we accept your song you will need to have all of these before we can release it.  If you do not have them in place at the time of signing a contract with us it will delay your release date.

  • A Facebook page - We communicate with our project-specific team members through private group chats in Facebook messenger.  We also have a private Facebook group which we use to communicate with all team members associated with, or soon to be associated with, the label.  We do not have the time or resources to be jumping all around and repeating ourselves when we need to communicate to our team.  Additionally, we have a public Facebook group of fans of music for world peace.  These are fans shared by all of our team members.  You will be expected to invite your fan base or friends to join that group.  
  • Typed lyrics in text format - When we release songs on our website we post lyrics along with it to give extra value to our listeners as well as help them understand lyrics that may be misheard.  Typed lyrics helps us to save time by copying and pasting them into your release page.  We will only post lyrics that follow this format. 
  • A bio and head shot - Each person associated with a release gets a profile page in our "Meet Our People" section.  This is where we post information about you and your accomplishments.  Your bio may include links to all of your socials and websites as well as other music you released.  Your head shot could be done by a professional photographer or just a selfie from your cell phone.
  • Story about how and why you wrote the song - If you are a songwriter and are submitting a song you wrote, we will need, in text format, a story about how and why you wrote that song.  We submit your story to a UK based magazine that fully supports our efforts and will print all of our press releases.  Our PR department will contact you sometime after your song is released for this information.  It will appear in Write Away Magazine a few months after release to give your song an extra boost of promotion.
  • A PayPal account - All of our contracted payments are made via PayPal.  We are not set up to make payments any other way, nor do we wish to make payments in a way that will require additional time and/or resources.  If you don't have a PayPal account at the time of submission, be sure to have one set up prior to signing a contract with us.  It will be one of the requirements in your contract.  Failing to do so may result in loss of payment.