Welcome to our submission page

If you are looking to have your music released on our label, this is the place to do it.  Select the category that your submission falls into and follow the instructions in that category.

Before selecting a category, read the current brief.


Some things you should know about our label before submitting music:

  • We require all participants to do a reasonable amount of self-promotion and promotion of the song we released.  If you have a budget for advertising we can help you put together a Facebook ad campaign.
  • We are a no-budget label.  That means we don't give out advances and we have no funds available for promoting our artists except through Facebook ads for the label.  We do however, promote our artists in our public Facebook group, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • A song's earnings are determined by those who have worked on the song.  Donation based downloads are the most lucrative form of revenue.  However, 95% of them come from fans, friends and family of someone who worked on a project.  Streaming only pays one penny for every hundred plays.  You can however, improve your streaming stats by joining our Stream Team.
  • Splits for masters are 50-50 between the label and the master owner.  It is the master owner's responsibility to make sure everyone who worked on the creation of the master has been or will be paid from the master owner's share.  On collaborations, each person who worked on a collaboration is assigned one or more jobs.  Each job is worth one equal share of revenue generated from the project.  The label is considered one job.  In most cases there are at least 10 jobs that must be performed to bring a project to release.  One person may perform multiple jobs for an equal share for each job performed.
  • Our immediate need is for songs that meet the requirements of our brief.  Others that are close but not quite on target will be placed on hold until there is a gap in those meeting the brief's requirements.  Please only submit music that addresses our mission of world peace.
  • At the end of each quarter year, if you have not received a royalty payment, you may ask to see your sales report.  An appointment may be made for a video chat using Facebook Messenger while we access your reports in real time and show them to you as they are being accessed.


Here are some things you will need before your song can be released:

All types of submissions

  • A PayPal account
  • A Facebook Account and membership in our public and private groups.  Anyone can join our public group.  Be sure to read and abide by the group rules.  Joining our private group will require you to answer some questions to be reviewed by the admin before entry is permitted.  If invited by the Admin there are no questions to answer.  Admin will invite you when your submission has been approved.
  • A bio and head shot.  The bio may contain as many links to your other work as you wish to provide.  The head shot can be anywhere from a selfie to a professional photo, whichever is easiest for you to provide.

Finished master & songwriter demo submissions

  • Lyric sheet
  • Finished master or demo


Types of submissions

Finished masters     Songwriter Demos     Singer Demos     Producer demos     Videographer demos     
Send link only, to admin@MusicForWorldPeaceRecords.com. No audio or video files unless asked for.  When large files are requested they may be sent via Gmail, Dropbox, WeTransfer, any cloud drive or any other protocol for sending download links to your files.

If you have something that addresses our mission or meets our brief's requirements but don't have everything you need to complete a finished master
you can send a rough demo/worktape, lyric sheet, or a demo showing what skills you can provide and what you need to complete your project.  You may also offer your services of any type that can help in the creation or promotion of a project in exchange for an equal share of the project's revenue.  If your submission does not require a demo, you can fill out the form below and someone will be in touch with you within a week.