1. Live Again

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Live Again

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Without clouded judgment we can live again.

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Live Again
© Soren Panckeri & Taylor Sappe 2020

[Verse 1]
{ Notes: Use senses and imagery, present the issues at hand }
What price do you put on freedom?
Do you hear the battle-cry?
Hearts burned up inside
We'll rewrite our history

If we all just came together
If we all just stopped the hate
If we all just worked together
Love will find a way.

We can try again, Start again, Be again
On that you can depend.
Without clouded judgment
We can live again

[Verse 2]
Don’t close your eyes to painful truth.
Its closer than you think.
As gentle as the spring
As fresh as the morning dew.

[ Pre-Chorus, Chorus ]

[Verse 3]
Love is a sacred two-way street.
We need to find our way
Demanding satisfaction
Planting the seeds of peace.

[Pre-Chorus, Chorus]

Blood has painted the streets
People want peace
A war that needs to end
We have to make a stand

[Pre-Chorus, Chorus]

[Ending Lyric] ...The end