Jay Creed

Jay Creed

Written and performed by Jay

World Anthem

Jay Creed Cat Credo Band


World Anthem

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Jay Creed Cat Credo Band - Pennsylvania, USA

During "The Flower Child Love & Peace Movement of The 60s", Jay lived and performed regularly in Grenwich Village of NYC. 

In 1972, Jay had a gospel ministry that played country music nightly in Birmingham, Al and Nashville, Tn. 

At the end of 1974, Jay moved back to NYC and hosted music shows for punk rock talent.   Jay served as booking agent for the bands. 

In 1977, Jay performed at many of the major rock clubs in Philadelphia. 

Jay experiments with combining many styles of music including jazz, reggae, calypso, socca, ska, flamenco, surf rock plus others. 

The recording of “World Anthem” was done in Philadelphia, Pa. by Dough Payne of Polygon at Phase Five Records. Dough also played Keyboards.  Jay played drums, guitar and vocals adding in sound affects.  Sharon Elaine's vocals were added at Taylor Sappe's recording studio (Hazleton, Pa.). Taylor did the final mastering of Jay's mix from 1992. 

Jay and his band perform high energy Dance Rock, Hip Hop, Classic Rock, Country & Trop Rock which includes socca, ska, reggae, calypso + surf rock. 

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