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Colors And Hues

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Colors and Hues
by Jane Shields and Mike Turner © 2021

Chorus All hearts beat the same underneath our skins
Outward colors are not who we are within
Look inside we’ll find what’s different fades from view
We’re all the same colors
A rainbow of life’s vibrant hues

Verse 1: Too much in life
We use outward colors
Our world to divide
We must unite
We’ll find what’s in common
When we look inside


Verse 2: Bigotry, hate
And racism, violence
Are rooted in fear
Trust and relate
As sisters and brothers
Let love draw us near


Bridge: We’re much more alike Than colors make seem
We all have our hopes Desires and dreams
Let’s join hand-in-hand Embrace all our hues
You’ll see the real me I’ll see the real you

Instrumental break (follows chorus)


Outro: Look inside our hearts, you will see me and I will see you
We’re all the same colors
We’re rainbows of life’s vibrant hues