1. Ozymandias

From the recording Ozymandias

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Look at you, standing there
With your ego and your fear
Look at you, all alone
Look at you
Look at you
You think you're calling all the shots
But if war is all you've got
Look at you
Look at them if you dare
Look at them; the legacy is theirs
They are brothers and sisters
They are lovers and persisters
They are protectors and resisters
They are prayers and they are listeners
They are believers
They are dreamers and wishers
They are not fearful
They are poets and musicians
Theirs is a legacy that's clear
Theirs is the legacy that will echo down the years
Bomb homes
They will still belong
Tear blood from blood
They will still hold strong
Long after the fighting
And the losing and the winning
They will still be loving
And they will still be singing
And look at you
With your sneer of cold command
Your colossal wreck
Will be as nothing in the sand
Look at you
Leading from the rear
Look at you
Your legacy is clear
Look at you, look at you, look at you
Your legacy is nothing
Nothing but fear
Your legacy is nothing
Nothing but fear