1. A Bridge

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A Bridge

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A Bridge
© Robert Neighoff & Mike Turner

We come from lands
far and wide
The shore and the seas
Create a divide
The time and the distance
Can magnify
Let’s build a bridge
To the other side

We’re brothers and sisters
One family
No reason for war
It’s just you and me
The best of intentions
A bridge to new land
Can cross over difference
So we understand

It’s Time to build a better world

Let’s build a bridge to the other side
Nothing to lose, nothing to hide
Bring us together, let peace abide
Let’s build a bridge
To the other side

And so we continue
We struggle to see
If we don’t have justice
There’s no liberty
We can fight forever
And think that we won
As long as were fighting
Our work isn’t done

We must try harder
To understand
To help one another
Must be in our plan
If one of us suffers
So will we all
United we stand
Divided we fall

It’s time to build and show some love
Chorus, chorus…