We go by the philosophy “The more people you work with who are on the same page, the faster you can accomplish a task.” We currently have a few partnership positions available as a ground floor opportunity for anyone who wants to use their skills to help the label grow and share in it's growth.  This is what we are looking for in our candidates for partnerships: 

A desire to contribute existing education, talents, skills and resources toward world peace. 

Although we don't fall into the category of “Non-Profit”, we are not motivated by profit.  We are motivated by a desire for peace on this planet.  Whether or not that results in profit, so be it.  We want to work with others who are also motivated by the challenge of the task rather than the profit it may bring.  Good candidates for this are retired professionals and others who are financially secure and do not need immediate profit. 


Needed for Immediate Full Partnerships 

One attorney and one accountant to head online legal and accounting departments for our label.  Each department will share an equal division of label's share of net revenue.


Needed for limited partnerships

Our promotion department needs "Work-at-home" researchers with Facebook and Twitter accounts to research and sort our list of internet radio stations, bloggers, podcasts, magazines and playlist curators, and in some cases, submit the music of our artists to them.  They will also be expected to share and re-tweet label news and music, for a share of any revenue earned by the promotion department.

Interested persons should email  Be sure to place "Partnership" in the subject line.